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Nadja Schlenker Bio
Nadja Kim Schlenker lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Coming from a photography background Nadja Schlenker grew up surrounded by cameras, film and the paraphernalia of her father’s studio. The passion for photography has been present in the family for three generations and has been passed on to her. During her Media and Communication studies at the University of Passau, Germany she moved beyond pure photography, testing different media and questioning their role in society.

Schlenker moved to Southeast Asia to find a great source of inspiration in the vibrant surroundings of different countries and cultures. Here she started to combine different material to create spaces that blur the lines between real objects and dreamlike figures, as well as between the medium of photography and the visual arts.

After her 2-year-stay in Asia she moved back to Europe to deepen her artistic practice at the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. Working together with students and lectors from all over the world and being surrounded by individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds, other set of values based on different upbringings, experiences and personalities further change her view on the society we live in and influence the visual vocabulary of her work.

The selection of material for her displayed works ranges from fabric and paper to objects and things found in nature as well as in the streets of Bangkok and Amsterdam, among other places. The photographed installations contain both geometric and organic elements. The series depict explorations based on intuition and personal experience, far from cultural, technical and photographical conventions.
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