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Gianfranco Pezzot Bio
Born in Italy, in 1969, Gianfranco Pezzot lives and works in Italy.

He attended an Art Drama Accademy in Venice but then soon moved to visual arts always his major interest in contemporary art. His contemporary use of photography is all about the idea that this medium can be pushed to much further extent, beyond photography's traditional forms and can be moved towards innovative ways of using the medium and extending its vocabulary.

He feels that by doing this the medium can really become extremely powerful, has no limits and frees itself from its intrinsic boundaries. He always tries to tell a completely different story away from the original pictures.

Pezzot investigates the unconventional brain reaction and approach to straightforward images, allowing a new born reading method. The artist uses various sources where to get images and text from, starting from internet downloaded images, layered photography, photocopies, traditional taken images. He then composes, cuts, analyses and dissects all of them together to tell and explore something previously unexpected and unrevealed.
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